Only Time (2 Violins and Banjo)

So you still think that a banjo can only play fast and happy stuff? Here is something to bring you some tears in your eyes! Yeah thats pop banjo! Actually I do not listen to pop music that much but this is just one of the most touching melodies I have ever heard in my life. I came across this song on youtube and I was so amazed its beauty that I immediately cancelled all plans for this day and I started to write my own arrangement of this piece. It works so well on banjo and violin! After 3 hours it was done. The next day I recorded it. Everything is played by myself including the mistakes LOL! Please get me some comments. Picked on the HUBER BANJO.

Arranged by Violanjo
1 Violin performed and recorded by Violanjo
2 Violin performed and recorded by Violanjo
Banjo performed and recorded by Violanjo

Only Time comments

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