Playing banjo since age 15, Violanjo has become a highly talented, passionate musician. As the artist’s name Violanjo suggests, he is a classical trained violin player who loves to play banjo as well.

Violanjo with real name Manuel Stocks is very creative, does a lot of different styles:

  • bluegrass,
  • traditional,
  • jazz,
  • celtic and Irish
  • classic
  • and loves to experiment.


Violanjo excels to bridge the gap between traditional, classic European music and American Bluegrass. He combines classical traditional violin and bluegrass banjo. He arranges sometimes popular melodies, most pieces, however, are his own compositions. Violanjo has created more than 40 pieces so far. Every piece is available as written music – and of course copyrighted, but not all of them have been recorded.


Certainly noteworthy is the making of Violanjo’s music. First he plays the banjo voice, which he records. Then he plays violin to the recorded banjo voice and records both voices again.

A dream came true

This type of performance excludes of course the possibility of playing live on stage, as the artist then can either play banjo or violin. Hence his decision to form the TRIO VIOLANJO which made a dream came true. Now he can write own songs and new arrangements for 5 string banjo and perform on stage. He has chosen the form of a trio as he wants to embed another timbre into his music, the cello voice. Therefore he rearranged his compositions and other pieces and added the voice of a cello to make the sound even richer.

TRIO VIOLANJO – this name represents a virtuoso instrumental group in the cast violin, 5-string banjo and cello. The TRIO’s extraordinary instrumentation creates a unique sound between Bluegrass, Irish folk, pop and classical music. Thrilling solos are followed by sentimental melodies. Enjoy a unique listening experience.



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  1. Saw the concert in Niedernsill, Pinzgau, Austria in March 2018. It was brillant. It made me think that the BBC Sherlock Holmes theme tune would be a terrific addition to the programme.

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