Fiddle and Banjo works


Here are some videos which show Violanjo playing outdoors in some beautiful scenery in Arizona. The musical range varies from own compositions to standard bluegrass pickin’ and some works by Tom Adams and Bela Fleck.

As these are live recordings apart from the banjo sound, you also can hear grasshoppers and the wind contributing to my performance. 😉

“Concerto for Banjo and Stringorchestra” (2nd mov)
Composed by Violanjo
Banjo performed and recorded by Violanjo

This is actually the 2nd movement of my composition Concerto for Banjo and Strings. Since I was playing just for fun in this wonderful countryside, there is no string orchestra around. But as you can hear, the solo banjo part sounds touching any way.

Please see here more of Violanjo’s outdoor pickin’ videos:

Adagio for Banjo (Banjo only)
Colors of Grass
Rocky Creek
Adam’s County Breakdown
Red Pepper Spicy Rag
Funky Mountain Special
Skeleton Dance
Shelton Special
Devil’s Dream
Eager and Anxious

El Cumbanchero (Fiddle and Banjo)


Arranged by Violanjo
Violin performed and recorded by Violanjo
Banjo performed and recorded by Violanjo

El Cumbanchero comments

Please find here more Violanjo music:

A Foggy Day in Bavaria
2 Worlds (Violin and Banjo)
Horizons for Violin and Banjo
Only Time (2 Violins and Banjo)
Irish Picking and Bowing
Prelude for Banjo (1 Banjo only)
Jesse James (Fiddle and Banjo)
Adams County Breakdown 160BPM (Fiddle and Banjo)
Black Orpheus (Fiddle and Banjo)
Amazing Grace (Violin and Banjo)
Classical Breakdown (Violin and Banjo)
I can see clearly now (Fiddle and Banjo)
New Camptown Races (Fiddle and Banjo)
Blackberry Blossom (Picking and Bowing)


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