“A trip around the world. No matter if they played classic, Irish or modern songs – this is something you will like! The audience was glued to the seat when the extraordinary Trio consisting of violin, banjo and cello went on a musical journey around the world.”


The program of the July 29th concert:

– Colors of Grass (written and arranged by Manuel Stocks)
– Irish Medley (arranged by Manuel Stocks)
– Moonlight Shadow (written by Cat Stevens, arranged by Manuel Stocks)
– Big Country (written by Bela Flek, arranged by Manuel Stocks)
– Rocky Creek (written and arranged by Manuel Stocks)
– Amazing Grace (arranged by Manuel Stocks)

TRIO VIOLANJO – Fascinating Sounds and Brilliant Musicians

TRIO VIOLANJO – this name stands for a virtuoso instrumental group in the cast violin, 5-string banjo and cello. The TRIO’s extraordinary instrumentation creates a unique sound. Thrilling solos are followed by sentimental melodies. Concert organizers may choose a colorful crossover repertoire between classical music, Irish folk/American Bluegrass and pop. Enjoy a unique listening experience.

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Isabella Egri………………….Cello
Tanja Kronheim ……………Violine
Manuel Stocks……………….5-String-Banjo, composer, arrangements

The three musicians studied classic instrument in renowned universities such as the Bruckner University Linz and the Mozarteum Salzburg and achieved to master
their instrument at the highest level.

Rocky Creek (composition arranged for TRIO VIOLANJO)

Colors of Grass (composition arranged for TRIO VIOLANJO)

Irish Medley – Irish-picking-and-bowing (composition arranged for TRIO VIOLANJO)

Big Country ( (written by Bela Flek, arranged by Manuel Stocks))

Amazing Grace (arranged for TRIO VIOLANJO):


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